Evaporative Cooling Case Studies
Cooling the Marine Diesel Engine Factory

Evaporative cooling in factories
Evaporative Cooling in the Factory

The Cummins factory in Daventry, UK is a leading producer of marine diesel engines. As productivity has increased and shift patterns extended the working conditions were becoming uncomfortable in warm weather.

The factory management team sought an energy efficient solution which could provide comfort cooling for personnel without creating any risk to the quality of the engineering components being produced.

A total of 36 down discharge coolers were installed to with extraction being provided by existing air handling units

Plan of Evaporative Cooling System - evaporative cooling the factory

The EcoCoolers were positioned to reflect the layout of the factory.

Overhead gantry cranes service most of the factory. The air delivery ductwork was designed to avoid these cranes whilst directing the air to the correct location at the optimum height.

Plan of Evaporative Cooling System - evaporative cooling the factory
Evaporative Cooling in hte Engine factory

A key issue in the application is the avoidance of condensation which could cause major problems with the machined cast iron components. The EcoCooling control system was configured to only use evaporative cooling when the ambient temperature is higher than 15C and any cooling period end with pure ventilation to remove any high relative humidity air from the building. Condensation will only occur when air touches a surface which is substantially cooler than its dew point. This control philosophy removes this possibility.

Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning