Evaporative Cooling Case Studies
Cooling Retail Premises at Decathlan

Evaporative cooling in Retail Premises
Evaporative Cooling in retail premises at Decathlan

evaporative cooling air cooling decathlan

The Decathlon store at Stockport was refurbished in 2009.  The existing refrigeration based air handlers provided only 100kW of cooling and in store temperatures reaching 40°C were experienced during hot periods.  An independent report commissioned by the store prior to refurbishment recommended at least 400kW of cooling.  An analysis showed the comparison between EcoCooling and refrigeration.

  EcoCooling Refrigeration
CAPITAL £20.00/m² £62.50/m²
OPERATING £0.20/m² £3.00/m²
Evaporative Cooling in retail premises at Decathlan




A total of 12 EcoCoolers together with extract fans were fitted to the store.  The EcoCoolers and extract fans are thermostatically controlled in four zones.  Down discharge EcoCoolers distribute air to 8 way plenum chambers positioned above the lighting level.

The performance of the cooling system was monitored during a warm period in July 2009.  It can be seen from the graph below that the store temperature never exceeded 24°C.


evaporative cooling performance at decathlan

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