Evaporative Cooling Case Studies
Cooling the Workshop

Evaporative cooling in the engineering workshop with ecocooling
Evaporative Cooling in the engineering workshop

Cooling the engineering workshop with Evaporative CoolingThe engineering workshop at Premier Foods, Bury St Edmunds UK had a requirement for heating and cooling.


The combined heating and cooling system was based on a single EcoCooler.

The fan from the cooler was relocated into the ductwork after a recirculation loop. This created a roof mounted ‘wet box’ which can provide either ambient or evaporatively cooled air and a recirculation loop which, using a steam heating coil, provides a source for heating.


Evaporative Cooling in the engineering workshop There are two modes of operation:

Summer mode:

Cooler operates conventionally with five speeds and ‘Cool’ or ‘Vent’ Modes. Inlet damper is open and recirculation damper is closed.

Winter mode:

Air is heated using a steam coil controlled from a thermostat. The fan runs at a fixed speed. The inlet damper is closed and the recirculation damper is open.


evaporative cooling in the engineering workshop

Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning