Evaporative Cooling Case Study
Low carbon, low energy cooling solution for high tech Office development

gkl group cooled by ecocooling evaporative coolers

EcoCooling were called in to provide a cooling solution for the new GKL Headquarters in Peterborough. The building is a modern open plan style building of tailor made A1 office space. Glazed panels with stem leaf motifs throughout help to give the space a work and people friendly atmosphere, graphically illustrating the company's aim to grow and its commitment to reducing CO2

In line with this commitment, EcoCooling evaporative cooling has been used for the top floor offices and glazed atrium to provide a cool fresh internal environment for the workforce.  The building was developed as part of a complete fit out which meant that the contractors worked as part of the team of architects, designers and shop fitters to produce the finished building.

EcoCoolers were chosen because of their advanced control system and their minimisation of energy usage.Thermostats and humidistats control the internal environment by opening as required one or all of the six fresh air vents in the ceiling of the atrium, which if left uncooled would act like a giant green house trapping hot air in the top floor offices, creating unbearable conditions.

gkl cooled by ecocooling evaporative coolers

The system was carefully designed to fit in aesthetically with the office layout and to minimise duct work whilst maximising the energy efficiency gains from both an electrical and C02 prospective. GKL received a grant from the Carbon Trust which covered 25% of the installation cost of the coolers. Running costs are expected to be 90% less than an equivalent air con system

gkl headquarters cooled by evaporative cooling


The grille system, unique to this project in the UK, allows a steady flow of cooled air to circulate the building and complies with the architects specification for a modern and pleasingly aesthetic approach to ducting. The air plenums were designed into the existing bulkhead scheme so that the ceiling is used to channel the air flow with the grilles directing the air where needed.

Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning