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Cooling the Compressor Room with Evaporative CoolingLakeland Limited is a family owned company established in 1963 to supply polyethylene freezer bags. The company is now a major UK mail order and retail supplier of creative kitchenware. Lakeland has a range of about 2500 products. As a result of increased product volume a mezzanine floor was installed at their prestige factory in Kendal in England. Once installed it was found that the working temperature for the operators on the mezzanine was unacceptable. This is not unusual for mezzanine floors as the natural convection currents move the hot air to the top of the building.


factory cooling with evaporative cooling from ecocooling

Three EcoCooling ECPSDU internal suspended units were installed along the length of the mezzanine floor. Suspended units were selected since there was existing ventilation within the building. The coolers were suspended directly from the roof structure using simple Unistrut components

The air was directed from the coolers down the central picking corridor. This was achieved by using the standard stainless steel plenum chamber which permits 5 directions of air flow. This gave the flexibility of flow rate, direction and degree of diffusion required for the work area.

factory cooling with evaporative cooling from ecocooling

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