Evaporative Cooling Case Studies
Cooling the Leisure Centre

Evaporative cooling in the Leisure Centre
Evaporative Cooling in the Leisure Centre


The Simpson Suite at High Wycombe Leisure Centre suffered from excessive summertime temperatures and high humidity levels. This was in part due to the proximity of the swimming pool and the ineffective air conditioning system.

To overcome both of these problems it was decided to install a Celsius EcoCooling evaporative cooling system. This system would introduce a high internal air change rate and also allow for a positive pressure to effectively pressurise the area and minimise the influx of warm humid air from the swimming pool area.

Evaporative Cooling in the Fitness Centre

This system also reduced odours throughout the area, as the system provided large quantities of fresh filtered external air, creating a pleasant comfortable air movement throughout the area.

The system was designed and specified by Duncan Boxford White of Wycombe Leisure, after careful research and consultation with Alan Beresford of EcoCooling, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of evaporative cooling systems.

Evaporative cooling from ecocooling at the Fitness Centre

Post Installation Performance

The system was surveyed on the 20 August 2007 at 1.15pm.

External Temperature 17.8°C Entering Air Temperature 15.3°C
Internal Temperature 17.1°C

The EcoCooling unit was running on speed setting 2 out of 5 with the cooling section operational. The extraction fan was running at half capacity. The external humidity level was 65%, it was an overcast day with intermittent rain.

System Design

The scheme consisted of one high level extraction fan and one EcoCooling external high level evaporative cooling unit, the unit was installed at high level above a flat roof section of the complex to minimise potential problems from vandalism.

The EcoCooling system incorporated a ducted attenuation section and acoustically lined ducting which reduced any noise levels.

The fresh chilled air is introduced to the area through a large high level double deflection discharge grill arrangement, allowing the flow of fresh cooled air to be accurately directed to minimise potential draught problems.

evaporative cooling at the Leisure Centre from ecocooling

The Simpson Suite now feels fresher and the previous odour problems have been banished due to the high air change rate that the EcoCooling system provides.

Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning