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Cooling the Garden Centre

Evaporative cooling in factories
Evaporative Cooling in the Garden Centre
Cooling the Garden Centre with Evaporative Cooling

Marchegay, based in Lucon, are the largest suppliers of commercial and retail glass structures in France. The very nature of the constructions mean that solar heat gains can make the buildings both uncomfortable for customers and, in the case of garden centres, create problem conditions for the plants.

Evaporative Cooling in the Garden Centre

Evaporative Cooling in the Garden Centre

In this particular garden centre four ECP16000 internal evaporative coolers are mounted onto the steelwork structure of the building.  During the day these internal coolers take the fresh air supplied by the natural ventilation of the building and use it to provide cooling for people and plants.

During the night the ventilation is closed down and the internal units take on the role of humidifiers to produce better conditions for the plants.

The coolers are fitted with circular diffusers which direct the air down to create a comfort zone at low level.


garden centre cooling by ecocooling


Evaporativer cooling in the garden centre with ecocooling
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