Evaporative Cooling Case Studies
Cooling the Warehouse

Evaporative cooling in IT and Education cooling warehouses with evaporative cooling

Net A Porter.com, the online high end fashion chain opened their third warehouse in Charlton next to the Millennium Dome, and chose EcoCooling to provide the cooling.

14 roof mounted EcoCoolers have been installed along with 8 extraction units to provide cool air both above and below the mezzanine floor.

The coolers are controlled automatically with individual thermostatically controlled wall mounted panels; these are interlinked into the fire alarm system and existing Building Management System to provide a simple safe and secure system.

The temperature in the warehouse is now always below 23°C even on the hottest days, providing comfortable working conditions all year round.

Designing Evaporative Cooling systems for listed buidings
cooling the warehouse with evaporative cooling

Compared to a traditional refrigeration system the estimated energy savings are expected to be around 90%. A single EcoCooler, rated at 35Kw, can show carbon savings of up to 10,000kg per year and cost less than 15p per hour to run.

Energy Consumption
Running costs for a single unit based on an average airflow of 14,000 m3/hr are:

Utility Usage and cost per hour
Electrical consumption 1.5KW @8p/KWh £0.120
Water consumption(typical average during hot period) 20L @60p/m3 £0.012
Total cost per hour £0.132
Total cost per 168 hour continuous working week £22.18 



Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning