Evaporative Cooling Case Studies
Cooling the Tool Room

Evaporative cooling in the Leisure Centre
Evaporative Cooling in the tool shop

The Machine Mart tool store in Derby is typical of many highly glazed town centre buildings. This south facing building generates so much solar gain that the internal temperatures can reach 40°C.

Machine Mart wanted a cooling solution that would cool the cashier area whilst taking advantage of some existing extraction built into the glazed area.

Evaporative Cooling in retail premises

A single down discharge EcoCooler was installed on the insulated metal clad roof.

A ‘soaker sheet’ running from the apex of the roof to the cooler upstand was fitted to provide a high level of weather proofing.

A 240V/15A single phase and a ½” mains water supply were fed from the roof space to the cooler and the waste water from the cooler was allowed to discharge onto the roof.

Air is transported into the false ceiling space using round section spiral wound ductwork. This duct design allows the cooler to be positioned in the optimum place and the cooled air to be discharged exactly where it is required. Provided the ductwork is correctly sized very little flow is lost and there is the added benefit of noise reduction as the distance from the fan to the discharge point is increased. Bends also contribute to noise reduction.
evapoarative cooling from ecocooling in the tool room
An eightway plenum chamber discharges the air into the retail space. The grilles can be set to provide a direct flow of air into the area for draft free displacement ventilation. Air is extracted using a series of wall fans. Simple controls allow the choice of five fan speeds with the option of evaporative cooling or straight ventilation for cooler conditions
evapoarative cooling from ecocooling in the tool room
evapoarative cooling from ecocooling in the tool room
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