Evaporative Cooling Data Centre Case Studies
Data Centre Cooling at Bedford Borough Council

Evaporative cooling in education
Evaporative Cooling in education




Bedford Borough Council wanted to improve efficiency and reduce carbon output at their City Centre data centre in Bedford

Evaporative cooling from ecocooling at Bedford city Council
Evaporative cooling from ecocooling at Bedford city Council

Ecocooling were asked to provide a scheme to provide cooling for their 100kW data centre. 4 CRECs were installed at low level and ducted up the wall and into the data centre to provide an air flow of 12m3/s with the ability to cover a server load of 120kW, allowing the council room for expansion. The old system was retained for use as back up. The coolers and the supporting steelwork were colour co-ordinated to match the building and minimise the visual impact.

The system has immediately started saving the council vast amounts of money on running costs and has reduced its carbon footprint considerably.

Tony Pompa, Bedford Council's Data Centre Manger sent us the following email shortly after installation.

"So far I've seen readings as low as 3.5kw to a high of 11kw with the EcoCooling on as opposed to an average of 70kw plus when the Airedales are on."

evaporative cooling in education

evaporative cooling in education



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