Evaporative Cooling Data Centre Case Studies
Cooling the Data centre - Cap Gemini 2nd Project

Evaporative cooling in date centres, cooling UPS rooms and cooling Server Rooms

Cap Gemini Data Centre Cooling


Due to the success of the first installation back in 2010 at their Birmingham offices data centre, Capgemini asked EcoCooling to install a second system at their Woking offices

Evaporative Cooling in the Data Centre for Cap Gemini
Cap Gemini Data Centre Cooling for Cap Gemini

The Problem

The Woking office data centre, situated on the top floor of the 8 storey building was cooled by an old inefficient Daiken air conditioning system which was continually struggling and causing problems by breaking down or leaving hot spots in the server room area.

The Solution

An EcoCooling CREC system incorporating 6 coolers with associated extract was sympathetically installed on 2 elevations on the top floor balconies of the building to provide 18m3/s of air into the data centre. This is far more air than the old inefficient system could provide ensuring that the old problem with hot spots was eliminated. The old air conditioning system has been taken out and no back up refrigeration has been installed.

The Savings

The installation should save the company somewhere in the region of £42,000 and over 305 tonnes of carbon per annum.

Cap Gemini Data Centre Cooling Air Cooling at Cap Gemini Data Centre
Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning