Evaporative Cooling Data Centre Case Studies
Cooling the Humberside Police Data Centre

Evaporative cooling in the Call Centre

Humberside Police Complete Low Carbon Data Centre Renovation Project using EcoCooling Computer Room Evaporative Coolers.

Humberside Police were tasked with significantly reducing their carbon footprint and as part of this looked at a number of energy efficient cooling solutions for their data centre. While they were keen to meet their steep saving targets there were a number of installation limitations meaning the options were limited. EcoCooling's CREC solution was chosen due to both the large energy saving potential and the flexibility of the installation options

Humberside Police Data Centre

Energy Saving

EcoCooling's Computer Room Evaporative Cooler can provide savings of up to 90% compared to traditional refrigeration. It does this by u¬¬¬sing a combination of free cooling and evaporative cooling, requiring no refrigeration or compressors. By mixing cold outside air with warm exhaust air the data centre can be kept cool most of the year with evaporative cooling only required when external temperatures exceed 21°C. Additionally, the system incorporates EC fans – these take advantage of fan laws where the power input to a fan is proportional to the speed of the fan raised to the power of three. This means that when fan speed reduction was implemented within the design, substantial power savings were achieved. Full fan curve details can be found below.


The installation design was complicated due to the dimensions of the room. A long narrow room meant there was little space for internal units and the shallow slab-to-slab ceiling height meant there was no room for ducting which could be used to supply air to the cold aisle. There was also a limited amount of external space, which meant large chillers could not be used. The selected solution comprised of 5 external EcoCooling CREC units, providing the requested N+1 redundancy, and a cooling capacity of 120kW to the 20 server racks. Double stacked units were used to reduce the footprint of the coolers outside.

To overcome the ceiling height limitations an attemperation room was built into the design where exhaust hot air from the racks could be mixed with cool supply air from the coolers. This eliminated the need for ducting though the roof.

EcoCooling has over 50 public sector datacenter installations within the UK and has the experience to work with installers and end clients to achieve effective and unique energy efficient data center cooling designs for a variety of specifications.

Ecocooling economical evaporative coolingEcocooling economical evaporative cooling Evaporative Cooling from EcoCooling .... a Low Energy, Low Carbon Alternative to Air-Conditioning