Evaporative Cooling Data Centre Case Studies
Data Centre Cooling at Worcester University

Evaporative cooling in education
Evaporative Cooling in education

Worcester University have installed an EcoCooling evaporative cooling system in their new Data Centre at their City Centre campus. The 90kW data centre is located on the ground floor of the Grade 2 listed Victorian Infirmary building which has been totally refurbished and refitted.

The University sought a low energy cooling solution with an installation sympathetic to the architecture of the building and in accordance with English Heritage.

Evaporative cooling from ecocooling at Ipswich Sixth Form College

Both traditional refrigeration based cooling and evaporative cooling were assessed as part of the design process. The EcoCooling Computer Room Evaporative Cooling (CREC) system was selected due to the low energy usage, competitive capital cost and associated low carbon footprint.

Compared to a traditional Computer Room Air Conditioning system the EcoCooling CREC system will have annual savings in energy of £21,000 and over 160 tonnes of carbon. The capital cost was less than 50% of a refrigeration based system.

The CRECs and associated ductwork were colour coated to meet architectural and English Heritage specifications.

The EcoCooling CREC control system was used to maintain stable conditions within the server room. During cool periods the incoming air is warmed by the hot air from the servers using an attemperation system.

The system maintains constant room pressure by using variable speed inlet and extract fans in conjunction with a pressure sensor. The cooling mode and automatic drainage of water is controlled by an external temperature sensor. The system is fully frost protected.

External installation permits maintenance without access to the main data centre.

In addition to controlling the temperature and pressure of the data centre room the EcoCooling CREC control panel performs other functions.

Links to the fire and smoke alarm systems provide automatic shutdown.

A purge facility for gas suppressant dispersal is incorporated in the system.

An Ethernet link communicates with the central building management system, transmitting temperature and pressure values, the system operating status and a range of fault conditions.

The CREC control system can be expanded to accommodate up to six EcoCoolers.

evaporative cooling in education


evaporative cooling in education



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